3-Day Startup Web layout

Project Summary

3-Day Startup is a non-profit that brings college students together to build a startup, and thus, build entrepreneurial capabilities over three days.

3DS’ website currently lacks a clear meaning as to who they are and what their story is. This leaves viewers confused. By rebranding the website, 3DS’ story will become clear. It will be easier for users to navigate and learn about 3DS.

An easy-to-apply application on the 3DS website and a simple debrief of what 3DS is, what the weekend looks like and who the faculty and staff are. 


Large number of student application responses
Large network of 150 schools around the world
Good track record - 90 companies have been launched
$70 million raised by alumni, proving that alumni want to give back
Program is proven to work
Word of mouth marketing is strong

Messaging is unclear, defining who they are and what they want to accomplish
Brand lacks emotion and human elements
Creating a brand that appeals to both students and governments / institutions
Lack of communication with and among alumni
No effective use of social media and digital platforms
Ambiguous target market
University and government agencies are bureaucratic, unresponsive, hard to work with, and cheap
Creating credibility, how to define success

Appeal uniquely to target
Entrepreneurs can create needed social change and help communities in need
Strengthen ties with alumni
Fear isn’t negative, leveraging fear in a positive way
Cheaper and better technology is more accessible which enables more small businesses to enter into the playing field
Creating more feedback from mentors, teachers, and students


Probability of funding can be affected by local state economy
Lack of financial resources
Competition with other accelerators and incubators
Competition with school classes, organizations, and events
Lack of investors interested in student startups

Ideation and User Flow

User Testing:
Website - referrals, avg. sessions, CTR, etc..
In order to measure the success of the website revamp, we will be looking at referrals, average sessions, and click through rates. By doing so, we will be able to see how responsive the website’s new navigation is. After reviewing these measurements, we will be able to assess if any further maintenance is required.

"Final" Product Screens