UX Bootcamp: General Assembly, June 2017


Project Summary

I was asked to simplify a barista’s process of tracking beverage inventory before and after a work shift.
A mobile app named INVIN that leverages the bars already existing inventory into a curated mobile chart organized by type and brand of alcohol. 
UX Designer and Researcher in a team of 3


My team developed a list of questions to use in a mock interview with a classmate.

·      What is the easiest part of your job?/ What is the hardest?

·      How often do you have to take inventory?

·      How long does it take?

·      What is the communication process between you and your boss?

·      How dramatic is it if there’s an error?

·      When is the re-ordering process?

·      How is the other inventory of the restaurant tracked?

Barista Persona:

·      Name- Dan
·      Age- 25
·      Sex- Male
·      Occupation- Grad Student, Non-profit entrepreneur
·      Status- Single
·      Motivations- To pay for grad school
·      Goals- To be a social worker once she graduates
·      Frustrations- Money, balancing school and work
·      Personality- Hard worker, social and out going, organized

Journey Map:

·      3:15- Put bar together, prepare fruit and garnishes, take stock, set up the station
·      5:30- Bar opens, intense before-dinner rush, barista finds flow
·      11:00- Barista re-stocks the bar and updates the manager on what needs to be ordered, cleans bar
·      12:30/1:00am- Time to go home!

Ideation and User Flow:


User Ability Testing:

For Both
·      Need to add a log-out button
·      Need to add a search bar (forgot to add during sketch)
·      Correlate numbers in the inventory tab to add and subtract how many bottles are at the bar versus in stock
·      Need to display individual message, all employee message, sales rep message
For Barista
·      Need to add a time and date log-in so that manager can track Barista’s work
For Manager

·      Need place to set bar inventory standards, which will correlate to the alerts
·      Need contact sheet for sales reps


·      A mobile app that leverages the various organization resource apps
·      Focus on fostering better communication between employees
·      Build trust between barista and manager
·      Build a stronger relationship between bar and sales reps