Problem: theSkimm is a fairly new form of news that needs to be known. 

Solution: Simple and more flattering re-design consisting of new logo, email layout, social media platforms, banner ads and a Starbucks extension. 

Insight: If you don't read theSkimm then you need to. (I'm not even paid to say that). theSkimm offers readers a fast,  informative and entertaining form of just-what-you-need-to-know-with-no-bs news. The bulk of the audience is 20-year-old women who work full-time and have little time for anything else. So the email layout re-design needed to be fun and classy. We expanded the re-design to social media platforms then incorporated theSkimm on the Starbucks homepage, wifi page and in-line aisle near newspapers. 

Art Director: Me
Copywriter: Kelsey Boylan