Beauty coin


As a participant of 3-Day Startup my team created a crowdsource eCommerce platform for Austin, Texas boutique owners using in-store customers as models.

Boutiques in Austin, Texas do not have a current or useful online presence, meaning that there is 0% online sales. Boutiques lack the ability to afford an online platform and believe that shoppers would hesitate to buy clothing online because models do not convey how the item will fit the shopper in reality.

A crowdsource eCommerce platform for all registered Austin, Texas boutiques to place store items online. As well as an app that allows in-store customers to take a photo of themselves in an item and submit it to the platform to be used for online shoppers to get an accurate portrayal of the item worn. In-store models will get a discount towards the boutique to create incentive. 


Market size values:

  • $225 Billion, U.S. Apparel Market
  • $63.5 Billion, eCommerce Apparel
  • 19% of all U.S. eCommerce Sales on Mobile Devices reaching 27% by the end of 2018
  • $500 Billion eCommerce sales by the end of 2018


Wire frames

The mobile application:
Allows an in-store shopper to take a photo of a product and price and send it to the owner for approval.

The website:
Easily displays owner-approved listings on a user-friendly branded website for online shoppers to purchase.
Displays all listings for all stores in an aggregated marketplace for online shoppers to browse.

Additional features:
After a listing is approved, BeautyCoin posts item listing information across all of the store’s social media with a link to purchase the item, reinforcing brand name and reach.

"Final" Product Screens: